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11 x 8 x 65 - Plan Bags

Product Name Price Qty
25 Bags - 11 x 8 x 65 - 2-Ply 70 Pound Kraft Paper

Quick Overview

12" Diameter Opening
65" Long 
- Heavy Weight
2 - Ply  70# Kraft Paper
LARGEST PlanBag In The Industry
We Sell more Poly Bags in this Size
  Almost Same Size  18 x 48   $1.29 

Units of 25's in Stock


11 x 8 x 65 2-Ply 70# Kraft Paper Blueprint Shipping Bags by

12" Diameter / 38" Circumference Opening - 65" Long

Shipping Weights from TN: Unit of 25 - 24#  (almost same size in Poly from CA 7#)

2-Ply 70# (heavy weight) Kraft Paper Plan Bags for Shipping Blueprints, Plans, Drawings and other Large Products.
Available in quantities of 25 only. Ships from Memphis, Tennessee.

  • 2-Sheets / Double Wall (2-Ply) Heavy Weight 70 Pound Kraft Paper (Heavy Duty Paper Bags)
  • Heavy Duty Paper Bag Thickness, protects plans or other objects being shipped.
  • Sewn Bottom for Added Strength. Added protection for plans and drawings.
  • Ships Same Day by UPS Ground - with no mark-up!
  • Ships from Memphis, Tennessee (Unit of 25 weighs 24#) - Same size in Poly will be 7#
  • Made in the USA and Recycles! Bag is long enough to fold over to seal with tape or thick staples.
  • Plans shipped in our PlanBags are accepted by every major shipping company.

Our Poly Plan Bags are much more popular than the 70# Kraft Paper
(This Paper Bag is the LARGEST Planbag offered)

Consider Poly: If shipping to the West Coast. Paper is shipped from TN and very expensive due to the weight and distance.
Customers prefer Poly over Paper 2-to-1