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9.5 x 44 - Plan Bags

Product Name Price Qty
25 Bags - 9.5 x 44 Plan Bags - 4-Mil Poly - Self Sealing
100 Bags - 9.5 x 44 Plan Bags - 4-Mil Poly - Self Sealing

Quick Overview

6" Diameter Opening / 44" Long
4-Mil Poly - Self-Sealing Glue Strip

MOST POPULAR Selling PlanBag Overall
SAME SIZE as 6 x 3.5 x 40 - 2-Ply Kraft Paper
This Poly size sells 4x more than Paper
Units of 25's & 100's in Stock


9.5 x 44 Poly Blueprint Shipping Bags by

6" Diameter / 19" Circumference Opening - 44" Long - 3" Self-Sealing Fold Over Lip

4-Mil Sky Blue Poly Plan Bags for Shipping Blueprints, Plans, Drawings, Fabric Rolls, Wallpaper and other Long Products.
Available in quantities of 25 and 100. Shipped in boxes for easy storage.

  • Strong 4-Mil Thickness / Will Not Tear (Easier to work with than Kraft Paper Bags)
  • Self-sealing glue strip for a strong seal with 3-inch fold over lip. Our number 1 selling plan bag
  • Made in the USA and Recycles! Is a much lighter product than Kraft Paper to work with. No tape or stapler needed to seal.
  • Lightweight for postage savings. Less room to store vs paper. Protects plans from moisture better than paper.
  • Ships from Carson, CA (Box of 25 weighs 4#, Box of 100 weighs 12# - Same size in paper will be a shipping weight 8# and 30#)
  • Ships same day by UPS Ground - at actual shipping cost (no mark-up)!
  • Plans shipped in our PlanBags are accepted by every major shipping company.

Our MOST POPULAR Selling PlanBag
(SAME SIZE as 6 x 3.5 x 40 - 2-Ply Paper)

Our Poly Plan Bags are much more popular than the 70# Kraft Paper

Additional Information

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