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Plan Bags, Blueprint Bags for Shipping Blueprints, Plans and Drawings. Long Skinny Blueprint Shipping Bags.

Self Sealing 4-Mil Thick Poly (polyethylene) Bags and 2-Ply 70# (pound) Brown Kraft Paper Blueprint Bags

Most Important: We hear we have the best bags, customer service and pricing and never hear from our customers
that a Plan Bag failed or ripped open! Order online, it’s easy, bags ship same day. Others make bags out of lighter
materials which may save you a few dollars BUT lighter weight bags tear open easier and your valuable plans get
destroyed - PlanBags are the strongest bags! has been manufacturing blueprint shipping bags since the early 1968 under the name Patterson Sales,
which was retired in 2003 when the first website premiered from April 2004. In January 2017 the current site was
launched accepting credit cards.

Bags for Shipping and Storing Your Blueprint Plans.

2-Ply is made of 2 sheets of 70# Kraft paper bound together as 2 separate sleeves sewn together at the bottom.
This thickness protects plans and is strong enough for a “tree-trunk” size shipment of drawings.

4-Mil Self Sealing Poly (polyethylene): Strongest in the industry: Made from co-extruded polyethylene (mixing 2
compounds together for strength) in a opaque Sky Blue color. Strong enough for “tree trunk” size shipment of drawings.
Has a 3 inch lip to fold over with a peel away strip exposing permanent adhesive to seal the bag.


It turns out to be pretty much a matter of personal preference. However, Poly is much easier to work with! Poly outsells
Paper by 2-to-1. Both cost about the same. We find the West Coast uses more Poly and the East Coast uses more Paper
which is interesting as it rains more in the East making it more conducive for using a Poly Bag. Both are just as strong.
One consideration is Poly bags weigh a lot less (more than 50% less) to ship than Paper. paper ships from TN and Poly from CA.

Paper: Is a much heavier product to work with but its thickness offers more of a cushion for protecting plans.
Requires tape or a thick stapler to seal. A bundle of Paper requires more room to store vs Poly. Recycles, but
often not until the bag is used for shipping several times from place to place as it is that strong.

Self-Sealing Poly: Is a much lighter product to work with. No tape or stapler needed to seal. Less room to store vs paper.
Protects better than paper from moisture. Boxed in 100, even if you order 200. Recycles.


Dimensions: The most important aspect of which size bag to select is the diameter opening and the length of the bag.
Roll your plans and then measure the distance across the round side (diameter) that would slide into the bag.
Or measure around the plans (circumference).  On this page are all the sizes marked in green

Why Numbers for the Names of the Bags: Paper is like a grocery bag. It has an opening with 2 sides and the length.
A 8 x 5 x 44 is a bag that has one side of the opening being 6" the other side that is gusseted is 5". The gusset allows the
bag to fold into itself to lay flat before using. The length is the last number and is 44"

Poly is like a baggy laying flat. A 13 x 44 is the same size as above. It has no gusset, lying flat when measured across the
opening (no gusset) at 13" and 44" long. Both bags create the same 8.25" diameter opening and are 44" long.

Most Common Sizes Ordered: Paper: 6 x 3.5 x 40 (6 diameter opening, 40 long), 8 x 5 x 44 (8.25 diameter opening, 44 long),
and 10 x 5 x 48 (9.5 diameter opening, 48 long) We offer many other sizes in paper but they are not as popular.

Poly: 9.5 x 44 (6 diameter opening, 44 long) is #1 Seller. 6.25 x 40 is #2 Seller.


Telescope 2 Bags! Plans Larger Than the Length of 1 bag? You can always telescope one bag over the other if the
drawings you have are longer than the length of the bag. If the drawings are too thick for the bag try rolling the drawings
from the wider end. This will decrease the overall length.

Accepted by all Shipping Companies: US Mail, UPS, FedEx... Use your self-adhesive labels on Kraft paper and Poly bags.
Or mark directly onto the bags with pen or marker to address or identify the product. Placing a piece of tape over the label
at the ship to address line adds protection.

We Ship the Same Day From: Poly Bags ship from: Los Angeles, 2-Ply Kraft Paper Ships From: Memphis, TN.
All units are processed the same day for shipment. Order cut off time is 2:00pm for CA and Noon for TN (PST).


Bottom Line: Since 1968 - We offer the best bags at the lowest cost with the best customer service!

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